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Halloween 2022

A bit of backstory! Don't worry, not much!

Halloween is the holiday that I use to connect with my brothers. We have an age gap between us, one is 7, and two are 10, whereas I am 23. So I take this time to dress up with them and go out with the family, trying to help establish I am a sibling, not a random adult. In the past, I've made them a Halloween mystery feel box. The feel box was great fun! Cameron and I peeled grapes and a large tomato for them to feel like eyeballs and a dog heart! Lots of stuff like that! This Halloween was different, and I didn't get to go out with them or dress up! But this is what we did instead!

Two days before

Our church friends Ruth & Steve let me take fall minis on their farm. They were so kind and let us take some pumpkins home to carve! The boys hadn't carved a pumpkin before, but they had painted and stuck in faces like Mr. Potato Head!

We searched designs, printed them out, and got the tops pulled off before there was any hesitation! Once they saw the insides, they squirmed! Each got creative about how to pull out the guts without touching them. Scotty, the 7-year-old, felt them once and told me, "Sisi, this is disgusting! I need your help." Once I got the strings out, he liked the pumpkin much better! Tandin and Trevin did well! Both got their guts pulled out by themselves! They even problem-solved their design when it didn't look like they pictured. Please ignore my lack of pictures. My hands were pumkined!

Pumpkin Order:

Trevin (smiley face), Tandin (space), Cameron (bear), Aspin (Linus), Scotty (maybe an egg?)

One day before

Cameron and I helped our friends and church with the Fall Bash. I spent the day assisting Ruth at the photo booth, and Cameron sent the kids into the bounce house! It had started sprinkling, but many families still showed up! My brothers were able to stop by and win some candy! Scotty was a Gamer, Tandin a Nerd, and Trevin was Clint Eastwood. I got some big hugs, and my heart skipped when I heard them yell at me, "come on, Sisi!" Ah, I love them. Afterward, Ruth & Steve had pumpkins left over, so we took a few and had a date night! We filled our vehicle and drove out in the country, splitting open pumpkins for the wildlife. It was honestly one of the best dates I've ever had! Very, very fun!!

Happy Halloween!

As I said, this year was a bit different! Instead of getting ready to go out with my brothers, I was photographing a lovely spooky wedding! Once I got back in town, it was pretty late, and the boys already had quite the haul! So Cameron and I lit our pumpkins and sat on our porch, enjoying the cool air. Our friends stopped by with their baby and were our only trick-or-treaters! We had no candy, so we walked to my neighbor to trick or treat them! They ALWAYS have the best treats!

This year's Halloween was different from the others, but it was possibly the best. I spent quality time with my siblings carving pumpkins, friends at the fall bash and our visitor, and a wonderful weekend and date night with my husband. Ah, also the spooky wedding! Great fun!


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