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Introducing the Fur Babies

These are our babies, and each of them has their own personality, habits, likes, and dislikes. These animals have given us so much joy and laughter. They have truly captured our hearts! I hope this post provides a little understanding of the personalities that will be going into future stories! Here is a little bit about each of them!

Smooter Jo

-Smood -Smoodie -Smooterdude -Smooterduder

Six-year-old beagle, literally the light of my life! She's pretty strange in the aspect she has a lot of unique qualities. Such as a fear of small animal statues, relatively mute for a hound- only really cries/whines when excited. She has a breakfast, dinner, and bedtime routine.. that she has set. That being said, she always reminds us about mealtime, and if we're not in bed by 9 pm, if not, I at least need to get myself a blanket for her to get her nighttime cuddles.

Smooter's Favorite things:

  • Her Momma, Me :)

  • Food... her love for it sometimes outranks me

  • Sleeping under the blankets

  • Following new smells

  • Giving foreheads (putting our foreheads together)

Mitt alee

-Mittmitt -Mitters

She is a four-year-old tuxedo cat. Her personality is very reserved, and she doesn't cause trouble very often. Some things to know about Mitt, she LOVES the outdoors, and every time the door opens, she's there looking for an opportunity to dart outside. She is the only cat we can trust to be outdoors. She's brilliant, tries to open doors by herself, and really observes and times out her plans of escape. She never goes too far and always comes to the door. But wants to lay and roll in the dirt for some time beforehand.

Mitt's Favorite Things:

  • Outside time

  • Drinking from the bathtub faucet

  • Playing fetch with plastic sealing rings from water gallons

  • Stealing human food

  • Treats

Todd Lee


Three-year-old orange & white tabby. Todd has a strong personality and is a troublemaker! He stomps when he walks, and his meows sound more like pterodactyl calls than anything cat related! The other animals are always on the lookout as Todd chases them around the house and makes incredible jumps many feet above his head. One of my favorite things is how he sleeps on the arm of the couch! On his tummy, his legs and arms on either side of him with his little teeth out!

Todd's Favorite Things:

  • Grooming himself

  • Sunbathing in his hammock

  • Climbing higher than the other cats dare to go

  • Eating grass once he has sprinted out the door

  • Guarding our house against the neighborhood animals

Offie Jane

-Offer -Offiegirl

Three-year-old Labrador Pittbull Mix. This girl goes through things not around, such as a thick mud puddle, thickets, water, etc. That being said, yes, it applies to people too. When she runs... there are no signs of breaking, no slowing down before reaching your kneecaps. It's great fun. She is so intelligent, but it is often lost to her stubbornness! She loves her BarkBoxes. If there's a new toy she likes, she will carry it around ALL day. Literally, all day.

Offie's Favorite Things:

  • Her dad

  • Swimming

  • Toys from her BarkBox

  • Playing with anyone, anywhere.. but especially Kobe, our friend's dog

  • Outside time to fetch and roll in the dirt

Boki Bailey

-Mr.Mr. -BokiBokiBoki -BokiBoy -BabyBoy -TheTwins

Two-year-old, white & grey tabby. Boki is the sweetest! You will often find him in the company of another, as he is the glue that holds our babies together. Boki has connected with each of them and often cuddles, grooms, and plays with the others. He is a bit goofy. He loves the windows open and loves the thought of being outside. But once he makes it out, nope, not having it, he wants to hide or go back inside. His meow is so soft and sweet. He had gotten out one day, and we mistook his meow for a kitten! Nope, just Boki! However, this sweet loving boy has an archnemesis. The cat crate, and his worst fear, when the cat crate pairs up with the car. During this time, Boki has a full-grown adult man meow. It is bizarre!

Boki's Favorite Things:

  • Cuddling us & the other cats

  • Grooming himself & the other cats

  • Terrorizing Todd

  • Watching the TV/electronic

  • Watching birds outside

Juniper Berry

-Juni -JuniPur -JuniJuniJuni -CrackAddict -BearCub -TheTwins

Two-year-old American Bobtail. Juni is a straight-up wild child, and everything is a bit extreme. When Juniper goes outside, all bets are off! It's like it's too much for her senses, and she forgets everything! She will wait for us to get close, then sprint away as if we were complete strangers! Cameron has to wrangle her! Due to her thickness, fluffiness, and lack of tail, we often joke that she is our little bear cub! We recently discovered her love for CatNip. She goes crazy! She rubs on everything and flops down everywhere to aggressively rub into the smell!

Juniper's Favorite Things:

  • Napping

  • CatNip

  • Aggressive pettings

  • Full food bowl

  • Purring super loud

Marty Lynd

-Martin -MartyFarty -TinyOne -TheBaby

Two-month-old, mostly grey tabby. This little fur ball is just now finding his spunk! He zooms all over the house, and his favorite "toy" seems to be our rocking chair. It provides obstacles and movement that he enjoys attacking! He is lovely and outgoing and wants to be friends with everyone! I'm very excited to see how else his personality will develop.

Marty's Favorite Things:

  • Pouncing on anything that moves

  • Playing attack

  • Food to himself

  • Cuddles with his Momma, me :)

  • Exploring the new things he learns


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