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Hello & Welcome - The First Post!

Hi there, and welcome to my Aspin McKenzie Blog page! I have been interested in blogging for a while now and have finally decided to go for it! My name is Aspin, and I am the owner/photographer of Aspin McKenzie and am now the author of this blog! I am SO excited to dedicate a space to share my life and interests with you!

Our engagement photo!

First off, a little about who I am!

Currently, I am 23 and living in SE Kansas. I have been here my whole life and not planning on going very far. I have a wonderful husband, Cameron, and we have been married since May of 2021. Since then, our family has grown, not by little feet, but by MANY little paws! They keep our home filled with fur but our hearts filled with love!

Wondering what I have to write about? Me too!

I have a few things I'd love to write about, just the things that I believe make the most impact on my life.

These would be:

  • My walk in faith, who I am in Jesus, and why I think what I believe

  • My career in photography, recent sessions, and business hopes

  • Sharing my home with my husband, our day-to-day, and medical experiences and trials

  • Keeping up with the fur babies, their healing journeys, and their massive impact on our lives

Why start a blog?

My thoughts for this page are simple; I would love to create a space that helps me think through the moments of my day and preserve what this stage of life has for me. Overall, I am excited to share the points that make my life enjoyable. Such as the journeys throughout my life while walking, with faith, and managing a photography career. While sharing my home with my husband and the many animals we "rescued." However, more so, they have indeed rescued us.

Thanks for reading!

My goal is to post once a week about these topics! That said, I will adjust if need be, but since this is all so new, I'm thinking one a week, alternating between subjects and starting over at the beginning of the month! I will use this page as both personal and professional, as I believe they are fueled and guided by one another.

Talk later!


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