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Photographer in Holiday Season

Family is a big focus this time of year; one way to capture that is to take photos! Many document the holidays with their phones or hire a professional photographer for the annual Holiday card! One of the best rewards of a photographer is the ability to create and capture a moment that reflects the love of family and the ability to share it with others.

It's Fall!

As soon as the weather drops from that summer heat and the leaves start to change color, outdoor photographers get busy! As I know, I'm not the only one who adores fall, it is prime weather for photography, and everyone knows it!

Fall is demanding in the aspect that there is so much going on! In the fall, there is "Back to School" and two main holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. These lead to lots of planned shoots of "Fall Photos," which is just your basic fall color pattern, and maybe some fall props like haybales or mums. Halloween shoots are SO cool! You get to be creative, and everyone goes all out with the makeup and props. It can lead to some extraordinary photos and something enjoyable and cool to show your friends! Thanksgiving more so goes with the overall vibe of fall. However, some Mini Session photographers or themed photographers develop unique prop and pose photographs! They are extremely enjoyable to look at if you do a google search!

This is the Fall Mini I am offering this year! Steve and Ruth are letting me use some of their land and have been SO helpful in helping me set it up! Also, these are my brothers! They were mildly willing/forced to be models for me! They had quite a fun time on the farm with Miss Ruth!

It's Winter! Just kidding, it's second Fall!

Here in Kansas, the temperature gets freezing real quick! None of us want to be out in the wind with red noses, but there's still Christmas to photograph! Due to this, we push Christmas photos toward the end of fall, before winter begins. It works well with the timeline to get pictures back for an annual Christmas card but does leave the photographer having to overlap both fall and winter sessions!

Many families don't need a "whole" session, just one or two images for the holiday card! Due to this, photographers have developed Mini Sessions which is exactly like what it sounds like, a miniature version of the regular session. This allows the client to quickly get their photos and the photographer to see many families in a short amount of time. Also, it's pretty exciting to see all of the different setups!

This year's Christmas mini! This session was quite exciting. I haven't photographed indoors like this very much and learned a lot from this session! I was delighted with quite a few photographs, and this one was just one of my favorites due to the smiles!

As a photographer, the holiday season gets quite busy, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily I have made a few photographer friends and have a supportive family willing to help when I need it! Though taxing, I would say that it is all worth it. Being able to preserve and deliver moments in time is quite amazing!

Much love!


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